(S1 Ep02) Abyaneh Village 🟢

Abyaneh is famous as the red village of Iran located on the Iran classic tourist route near Kashan. Interestingly, in Abyaneh, inhabitants have preserved their traditional clothing and costumes and still wear their beautiful traditional clothes. The village has a reddish stepped architecture that offers a fantastic view.


  • Coordinates: 33.5829870, 51.589955
  • City: Abyaneh – Isfahan, Iran 🇮🇷
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  • Hidden on: 26th of April 2023
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Located near the city of Abouzaydabad, this village can easily be visited on your way to Isfahan if you are coming form tehran in a day. One thing to keep in mind is that it can be very crowded even on weekdays.

The direction of the playface is very simple as described in the video, just show of the locals one of the pictures or ask them how can they reach the Abyaneh castle. Once you reach you’ll end up having a clear view of the village as well as the ruins where the Playface is.

There is a beautiful park for camping with beautiful spring water flowing nearby. It’s located just 1 kms from the village entrance. If you wanna feel the nature of see beautiful Iranians having picnic with their families, then do pop in there on your way to the village.

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