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Apart from all the differences that are there among mankind, if there is one thing that exists among everyone is that we all in some or all part of our lives intends to do good even if it’s very low scale.


What I want from you guys is to help me know about the people that really needs help, a story that needs attention of people around the world. People that are in dire straits, living in remote parts, facing life and death situation. Can a story be heart wreaking and heart warming at the same time? Let me know.


Note: Only submit a story of peoples that are located in the country where I m currently right now. So that I can visit them personally and assess the situation and do something about it with the help of you guys. You can check out this link to know my present location.


Submit the story using the form below and try to provide as much information as possible with pictures if possible. You can also contact me via Instagram of Telegram.

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