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How to
Difficulty Levels of the Cards

Red Card 🔴: Easy. The easiest one to find, the one you'll find in cities, on some easily accessible roads, or somewhere where you just need to hop out of your vehicle and grab the card.


Green Card 🟢: Medium. These require some work as the locations of these cards will be some distant place like some abandoned castle, on a hill, beneath the gorge, or somewhere in the deserts


Gold Card 🟡: Difficult. These require not only hard work but dedication and strong will as you'll get them in very remote places or places that are not easily accessible like buried in the lake, deep in the remote deserts, abandoned islands far away from the coast of the mainland, etc

What are the rewards for all three cards

Red Card 🔴: Finding a red card will get you recognition on my youtube channel at the end of any random videos. as well as recognition in the Winners section on the Psychlander website


Green Card 🟢: Finding a green card will get you not only the recognition on the website as well the video but also you will have access to a private signal chat group (Why Signal?: Cause it's good for privacy) where you can ask me anything and have chat regarding anything. Here i'll be sharing things that normally I won't be sharing anywhere, like behind the scenes and stuff. Also you can have direct conversation with me any time of the day or even phone calls and ask me anything personally. Also i'll be sharing things like my future plans for my near future as well information that i might never reveal on instagram.


Gold Card 🟡: All of the above plus the cash prize that is discussed below.

How much is the cash price for finding the Gold card

Winners of the gold card will get all the previous benefits as well as cash prize which is 50% of the YouTube earnings that I earn in the video in which that particular gold card was stashed.

For example let's say I stashed one gold card in S3E12, and some time later that card was found by someone, so whenever the guy or a girl claims the prize for example 10 weeks after the day of upload, then whatever money I earned in that video in those 10 weeks, 50 percent will go the winners. Every transaction and proof will be recorded, so there's no chance of any fraud on any side.

Note: The amount of the cash prize will be what ever I make from the day of the upload (from starting) till the day it was claimed by the winner. So if the winner claimed the card in May, and for some reason my response was delayed for two months (won't happen but let's suppose), then he won't get the money that i earned in the month of June & July. 

Claiming the card (For Winners)

Every card comes with a unique code so you need two things to claim the card. The Unique code which is written on the card, as well as one selfie with the card taken on that spot where the card was hidden. If any of the two things are missing in your message, then unfortunately you won't be able to claim the card. 

If you are a first founder, you should either signal me (link given in the footer) or email me ( (email is preferred) your name, where are you from, the code on the card, along with the picture of the card taken with you on that spot where the card was hidden. If there is a group, then a group photo with a card.

Also, you can send multiple pics (not more than 5) of you finding that thing or simply your photos taken elsewhere. You can also send a video (not more than 20 secs).

Please be patient with my reply. In most cases, I will reply to you in 1–2 days. But sometimes it can be more than that because of some remote travelling. Sometimes I wander off to such remote areas that don't have access to the internet. So please be patient.

Timer ⌛ for Gold card 🟡

Don't go thinking that after finding the Gold card you can just sit on it for many years without claiming it and as the number of views grows the amount of cash prize will grow with it and then after many years you can just claim the prize. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that.

There will be a countdown timer of 6 months for each Gold card and the timer will start on the day the video is uploaded. Each article of Gold card on PsychLander website comes with the countdown so you can check out how much time is left for you to find the card and claim the prize. Only those winners who find and claim the card in those 6 months will have a chance on the cash prize. After 6 months you can claim the card and will have recognition on the website and access to a private group on Signal, but unfortunately you won't have any chance to get the cash prize.

What to do after claiming the Card

You can keep the card as a souvenir or if you wanna throw it away make sure that you first tear it up so that no one tries to reclaim something that has already been claimed.

Do not claim the card unless you have

Again I am emphasising on this point that All the cards that I PlayFace with have a unique code that only I know and take picture of it every time I seal them in boxes.


So please do not claim the card unless you have two things i.e the unique code that is written on the card and your selfie with the card on the location where you found the card. Without these two you won't be able to claim the prize.

Places Where I won't PlayFace

There are mainly three kinds of places where I won't be placing cards. Those are all the religious places (out of respect), all the archeological sites that are maintained by respected authorities (excluding all the archeological sites that are not maintained and are left in ruins) and all the private property (unless I have the permission of the owner.).

Can you still claim the prize if the card is lost?

You can still claim the red and green card in case the card is lost and you are the first person to reach that spot. Just send me one picture of you in the very location and you can still claim the card.


However this doesn't apply to Gold card. If the Gold card is lost and you visit the site of it's burial, you can still calim that Gold card and get recognition and invitation to secret signal chat, but you cannot claim the cash prize. For getting the cash prize you must find the card.

What is 'M' and 'W' in the Gold card 🟡

Congratulations on finding a Gold card. There are M and W here. The purpose of W is not out yet so unfortunately there is only M for you right now which simply means money.

Transaction Costs

The winning amount is inclusive of the transaction cost that will be sent to the winner. I'll be sending the money via bank transfer, Paypal or Crypto.

Crypto is preferred due to low transaction cost.

Proof of Transaction

After the transfer of the money, please send me a pic of proof of the transaction that you have received the cash. Obviously, I'm gonna do the same from my end.


You can also send a small video about your experience with all this along with your Insta, Twitter, or Fb links which will go to the winner's section. Cheers

Privacy of the participants

Sometimes I'll give the card to random strangers, and ask people around the world to find that guy or girl and then get the card from him/her. So if anyone knows that person and recognizes it in any of the videos, please do not post their name or postal address in the youtube video comment section. That person will be flagged on the channel. Let’s respect each other's privacy.

Some cards might get lost 😅

Some Boxes might get lost or someone might find them not realizing what they are so players might not find anything when they get to the spot so that's not on me

Disclaimer, I Don't hold any responsibility!

The sole purpose of me making these videos is for entertainment purposes only. Places I go and the path I take are for me to get my fill of adventure. I can only take responsibility for my and my actions only and if any of you gets injured while finding those card boxes, then I am not at all responsible for that.


It can be a little risky sometimes to find those boxes so you must take all the precautions beforehand. And if you get injured doing what you decided to do on your own or in a group then I am not responsible for any of the damage, injury, loss of property, loss of life, or any other calamity that might befall you.

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