(S1 Ep01) Chah Aroos in Manjarab Desert 🟢

An area in the northern city of Aran o Bidgol located in Isfahan province, Maranjab desert can offer you a lot like great safari expedition or a peak into a life of bedouins of the desert.


  • Coordinates:34.219694, 51.688806
  • City:Abuzeydabad – Isfahan, Iran 🇮🇷
  • Status: Not Found ❌
  • Hidden on:25th of April 2023
  • Found on: 


Located on the other side of Manjarab caravensarai, this beautiful little pond with a unique tree is located around 45 kms from the closest village of Abou zaid Abad. Ask anyone from the village that you have to go to Chah Aroos. They’ll direct you. Make sure before you enter the desert you have offline version of google maps or maps.me of that location downloaded. Also make sure to keep the notes of the the coordinates. Where you have to turn left and right. Also you can watch the video for directions.

Coordinates of Three Tyres
34.082077, 51.736436

Intersection, Turn left for the Hotel, turn Right for the pond.
34.183424, 51.686667

Approximate location of the card

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