(S1 Ep08) Stone Garden 🔴

Take a small detour from sirjan to visit this amazing weird garden.

Watch the video carefully to find the stone in which the playface has been added. Also seen in the above pictures, it has two openings. One above and one from side. Just put your hand inside and first remove those two small stones that are put there to hide the playface from anyone’s sight.

  • Coordinates: 29.40470405106676, 56.107324630656485
  • City: Sirjan, Iran 🇮🇷
  • Status: Not Found ❌
  • Found on: 

Once you remove those two pebbles you’ll be able to see the cache and get it.

If you are unable to find the stone watch carefully the video again and open up your google maps and place yourself exactly at the same place where the dots are located in the above picture.

Approximate location of the card

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