(S1 Ep03) Naqsh e Jahan 🔴

Probably the main attraction in a very beautiful city Isfahan Square is truly beautiful. It should be viewed at different times of day and night. It is particularly wonderful at night time, but there is really no bad time to visit the square and to relax and watch half the world go by.


  • Coordinates: 32.6572344, 51.6778646
  • City: Isfahan, Iran 🇮🇷
  • Status: Not Found ❌
  • Hidden on: 27th of April 2023
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There is nothing really to write here as literally anybody will tell you how to reach the square.

Once you reach there all you have to do is go to the front of Sheikh Lotfullah mosque and go near the fountain and stand facing the the mosque. When you do that you’ll end up seeing the bench that is on your right hand side. Underneath that bench is where the PlayFace is.

It can’t be more simpler than that.

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