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[ foh-bee-uh ] : A very strong fear or hatred that you cannot

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Example of Phobia Prime Location

Reason for this Game

The Reason why I created this game

Definition of Phobia: Defined as the fear of, hatred of, or prejudice against something that you cannot explain.


The reason why I created this Game is to counter prejudices that people around the world have against certain countries that are labeled "dangerous" like Iran and Afghanistan.


And what is better than you getting up and exploring it out for yourselves? And if money can inspire you for this then why not.


I love this quote about journalism: "If someone says it's raining and another person says it's dry, it's not your job to quote them both. Your job is to look out the window and find out which is true"

Types and Names of the cards

There are two types of cards here. One is called "Phobia Prime" and the other three orange or black cards are "Three Clue cards" also called "Triangle cards" (because their hiding location makes up a triangle)


Your ultimate goal is to find Phobia Prime because only Phobia Prime comes with the Cash Prize.


The other three cards are clues that you need in order to find the Phobia Prime.

Rules of the Game

The rules of the game are simple. I'll hide one card which is Phobia Prime in the capital city of the country and the coordinates and clues to find that Phobia Prime card will be written on three separate clue cards which will be hidden in three different parts of the country. These locations are considered "Dangerous" by some "sources" of international media.


The perfect example of Phobia Prime and three clue cards is given in the embedded map above.


For Example, let's say I hid the Phobia Prime card in the southwestern part of Golestan Palace Garden under the Tree beneath the bench.


The Coordinates of the exact location is this
35.679174687982744, 51.42037284177847


These exact coordinates will be divided into three parts


Card one will have : 35.xxxxxxxxxxxxx, 51.xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Card two will have : xx.67xxxxxxxxxxx, xx.42xxxxxxxxxxx


Card three will have : xx.xx9174687982744, xx.xx037284177847
Card Three will also have the exact hiding location of the Phobia Prime Card.

Different Scenarios:

You need all three cards in order to locate the exact spot where Phobia Prime is hidden. If you don't have all three of them, you won't be able to locate the exact location of Phobia prime.



Card 1 + Card 2 (without card 3)
Suppose you have only card 1 and card 2 and you don't wanna go all the way to Sistan and Balochistan in this example for card 3. So can you get the exact location from just cards 1 and 2? NO.


Because Card 1 and 2 will get you 35.67, 51.42 and this location if you search it in google search is 1.03 km away from the exact location of the hiding spot.


Card 1 + Card 3 (Without card 2)

Here you'll get 35.xx9174687982744, 51.xx037284177847

Now you'll have to guess those 4 digits to fill up the gap. The probability is in thousands. So it's worthless.


Only Card 3

Do not think that you can just go for card 3 and get the exact location and you don't need card 1 or 2. That's not how it'll work. Because the exact location will not mention any specific landmark for example in this case the exact location on card three is written something like "beneath the bench which is under the tree". I won't mention any name of the Golestan palace or any known landmark. Now if you don't have all the pieces of the coordinates then in no way you can find out which tree is the one you are looking for.


Only after you have all the 3 cards you'll end up with perfect coordinates of 35.679174687982744, 51.42037284177847 which point to the tree in the garden of Golestan palace.

Do not type the coordinates in Google Maps

For having the pin pointing exactly to the location, instead of searching it directly in google maps, you should open a new tab and type the coordinates in google search and then type on the result. This way you will have the pin point having the exact location of the card.

Clues of where the Phobia Prime card is located will be on the third card

Clues of where the Phobia Prime is exactly located will be written on Card 3 but you won't be able to find the exact spot unless you have all three cards making the perfect coordinates because the perimeter will be very long (if you have only card 1 and 2)

You need all three cards and You can play this if you are an individual or in a group.

Note: You need all three cards as well as the Phobia Prime in order to claim the Prize.


You can either be an Individual or a part of one or several groups. Doesn't matter how many players there are but after successfully finding all four cards and claiming the cash prize, you need to have two things with you.


First - All four unique codes on "all three clue cards and Phobia Prime".


Second - Your selfie on that particular hiding spot where you found the card be it any clue card or Phobia Prime.


If any of the aforementioned things are missing you won't be able to claim the prize.

You need to have all four cards and be physically present in those locations to claim the prize.

Remember that you cannot claim the Phobia Prime alone, you need to have all those three cards as well with you. If any of the cards is missing you won't be able to claim the cash Prize.


And every time you find any of the three cards you take your selfie on that spot where you find it so that it can be verified that it was you yourself on that spot and not anyone else who can courier that card for you to claim the prize.


The reason behind this is that I designed this game for people who have this strong prejudice against Islam. I want those people to go to those places that people deem "dangerous" in the Islamic world. And the reason why you won't be able to claim the prize is that if you haven't been to that part of the country then you cannot experience what I want you to experience i.e the truth. And you cannot ask anyone online just to send you the card via courier so that you can claim the cash prize on phobia prime because this way you won't have that experience. That is why you must take your selfie with the card where you find the card. Without that and the code, you won't be able to claim the Prize.

Who are eligible to play this game

Anyone who is a foreigner is eligible to play this game Muslim or Non-Muslim alike.


For example, if I hide Phobia Prime and the Three Clue Cards in Iran, then every foreigner is allowed to look for those cards and play this game except for Iranians. The reason is given below.

Who are not eligible to play this game

The local population of the country in which the Phobia Prime will be hidden is not eligible to play this game and look for those cards because of one reason alone which is they don't have any "Phobia" against Islam as I'm planning to do this in Islamic Countries only.


Please It's my humble appeal to the local population out there, Do not look and find the "Three clue cards or Phobia prime" as the game will be null and void and there will be no prize money if the founder is a local citizen.


For all the local population you can play PlayFace. It's for everyone.

How many Phobia Prime in one Country

In one Country there will only be One Phobia prime and Three clue cards. That's it. No more No less.


It doesn't mean that in every country that I visit I'll be hiding Phobia cards. No. I'll decide which country is suitable for Phobia cards and which isn't. For example, I'm not planning to hide Phobia cards in Turkey because Turkey is pretty safe according to "European standards". On the other hand, I plan to do this in Iran And Afghanistan which are considered by some to be the most "dangerous" places in the world.

What are the rewards for the winners & how many winners can be there?

Note: There is no reward of cash in finding/claiming any of the Triangle Cards (the three clue cards). If you can find all those three cards and are unable to find the Phobia Prime, then you will get recognition on the website in the winner section but there won't be any cash prize.


Only the Phobia Prime finder/s will be able to claim the cash prize (being in the possession of those clue cards as well).


Winner/Winners gets 50% of all the YouTube ad earnings that I get from those three videos in which I hide those three clue cards. For example, if I hide those cards in S4Ep12, S4Ep17, and S4Ep30, then 50% of the ad revenues that I made from those three videos will be yours.

How to claim the Card and Cash Prize

Just send me all four codes and all four selfies that you took on the spot of those hiding spots of cards to my or contact me via Instagram or Telegram.

Coordinates Flinching and Card getting lost

If you have all three cards in your possession and still you aren't able to locate the phobia prime cards then there are two possible scenarios. The coordinates have shifted or the Phobia Prime is lost or misplaced by someone.


In the First scenario, the coordinates flinch on google maps from time to time by minor differences of some meters so it's should not be a problem. But if they have shifted largely then you can contact me and I'll directly tell you how and where you can locate the Phobia Prime.


In the second scenario, however, if you are in the exact spot and the card is lost then it's not my responsibility and you cannot claim the cash prize without the Phobia Prime as mentioned above.

Time Limit for claiming the Cash Prize

Your Ultimate aim is to find and claim the Phobia Prime which comes with the cash prize. The Phobia Prime comes with a Countdown of 1 year meaning the cash price of every Phobia Prime Card can be claimed within one year of its day of hiding which will be mentioned on its page. After the time has passed anyone can retrieve and Claim the card and have recognition on the site in the winner section, but they cannot claim the Cash Price.


Every Phobia Prime Card article comes with a countdown timer so you don't have to worry about tracking anyone of them.


Note: The countdown of the Phobia Prime card starts after the burial of the first Clue Card. From then you have exactly one year to claim the prize.

What if two different foreign nationals are in the possession of two different Clue cards, What then?

Then you can contact each other either on this telegram group or contact via the comment section of those three clue card pages on I prefer the telegram group as it is fast.

You can then join and team up and claim the prize and divide it among yourselves.


The winning amount is inclusive of the transaction cost that will be sent to the winner. I'll be sending the money via bank transfer, Paypal, and Crypto.

Crypto is preferred due to its low transaction cost.

Proof of Transaction

After the transfer of the money, please send me a pic of proof of the transaction that you have received the cash. I'm gonna do the same from my end. You can also send a small video about your experience with all this along with your Insta, Twitter, or Fb links which will go to the winner's section. Cheers

Disclaimer for any Card Lost

As I have mentioned above, I do not hold any responsibility when any of the four cards go missing or get misplaced by someone or any natural occurrence.


If any of the cards are lost, you won't be able to complete the challenge. You can then claim to be the locator of any of the clue cards and get recognition in the winner section, but you won't have any right to the prize of Phobia Prime.

Disclaimer for any Injuries

The sole purpose of my making these videos is for entertainment purposes only. The places I go and the path I take are for me to get my fill of adventure. I can only take responsibility for my and my actions only and if any of you gets injured while finding those card boxes, then I am not at all responsible for that.


It can be a little risky sometimes to find those boxes so you must take all the precautions beforehand. And if you get injured doing what you decided to do on your own or in a group then I am not responsible for any of the damage, injury, loss of property, loss of life, or any other calamity that might befall you.

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