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I'm Here Right Now


15th Oct 2022


16th Oct 2022

Bahariyya Oasis

17th Oct 2022

Siwa Oasis

18th Oct 2022


19th Oct 2022
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20th Oct 2022
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21st Oct 2022

Ride to Siwa Oasis 

22nd Oct 2022
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23rd Oct 2022
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24th Oct 2022
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Rules of the Game

100$ is Nothing.

Currently, the cash price is 100$ but after some time as the channel viewership takes off, I'll increase the price money for this.

Who are eligible for the prize.

Anyone who is anticipating me, who already knows me through my videos and knows about the game before meeting me.


Whoever genuinely finds me for claiming the price without my help.


After meeting me the first thing you gotta do is claim the price. This is very important. Cause if you don't then it'll be just a casual meetup and nothing else. 


And obviously, I'm not gonna insinuate from my side about the game and ask you "Are you here because of the Game"?. Won't do that cause that's just dumb.

Who are not eligible for the prize

Anyone who dm me for a meetup are not eligible for the prize.


Whoever meet me for the first time without knowing me, what i do and then get to know me and search through my channel and videos and then try to claim the prize. it doesn't work that way.


Whosoever know me personally like friends or travel buddies or anyone that i meet on the way are not eligible for this as well. 

How can you locate me?

I'll be updating my location every day.


Whatever location I have listed on my website on a particular date, I'll be reaching that location on that day anytime in the afternoon or in the evening. For example, let's say on 26th December I have added Siwa oasis. So on the 26th of that day according to the lunar calendar of that particular country, I'll be reaching Siwa oasis either in the afternoon or in the evening.


And after reaching that place I'll be hanging around cool and well-known locations of that particular location.


It might not be easy to locate me in bigger cities like Cairo or Alexandria, but in smaller towns like Farafra or Kharga oasis, it's easy to locate some foreigner with a big white helmet having a camera strapped on. Quiet genuine right?


Use your imagination in trying to locate me, it's much more fun this way.

My Current Location

Although I put my 10 next destinations for 10 days all in one day. But I can't update my current location every day cause of the network difficulties in many places where I travel like deserts and mountains. So please do not rely on the current location as it is updated every 2-3 days. The itinerary however is pretty accurate and you can rely on that (not 100% see below)

Sometimes plans change.

Sometimes plans change. Meaning that even if I made a claim above that I'll be at a certain spot on such and such date, not always I'll be able to hold on to my word because of thousands of unexpected things that can happen to you while you are on the road. Ex like getting pulled over by the army for some reason, long traffic jams, tire punctures, accidents, and so on.

And the information will only be updated on the website only during the night that's when I do all of my updates.

I'll try to keep my word as much as I can, but some things are just not under our control. Sucks I know but that's how life works. 

Please try to shoot a video.

If you decide to play this game and try finding me, please make sure to shoot some footage on your phone so that I have some content to put up on the website in the winner's section.

How will you get paid?

You'll be paid in cash or bank transfer. Cash will be either in USD's or local currency.

How much for a group?

Whether you are an individual or in a group, doesn't matter. The prize money is just 100$ for now. But I promise it'll get creative in the future.

I do not hold any responsibility

I do not hold any responsibility whatsoever if you weren't able to locate me. It's just a game so treat it likewise. Happy Hunting.

Contact me via Insta or Signal

Let’s collaborate

Got something to share, any hidden place or just wanna hang out?

I keep updating my current location on website, and Instagram so if you have any questions or any interesting hidden or remote place to share, submit it on the website or dm me on Instagram, Signal or Telegram